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8 things to complete a trip to Nice

Updated: Apr 13, 2023

In February 2020 As the world was becoming aware of a mysterious virus in China, everyday life in Europe was still uninterrupted. I was on a business trip in Paris at the beginning of February. While talking to a friend who works in Nice, he invited me over to his place. I had a long weekend off ahead, hence decided to make a spontaneous plan to travel to Nice. I booked a one way ticket from CDG airport in Paris.
When I landed at the Nice airport I noticed how unassuming the airport was. My friend had come to pick me up from the airport, and we took the tram to his place. I had absolutely no idea what to expect from this city, and I relied on him to show me around. The neighborhood of his apartment smelled salty air. He did tell me that the ocean is just one street across.

How to get to Nice?
Located on the south-eastern coast of France on the French Riviera, Nice is the second largest city of Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur. All major airlines fly to Nice, its also possible to drive to Nice from Paris, however that's a long 10 hours trip. Nice is the perfect base for exploring the French riviera, like I did.

Some of the best things to do in Nice:

1. Promenade des Anglais: This is not just a walk by the sea, a 7Km long promenade adorned by the Mediterranean is an exquisite walk along the sea. The cafes and the bars along the promenade provide a relaxing repose while enjoying the setting sun at the horizon. The eastern side of the promenade is skirted by regal 19th century palaces

2. Vieille Ville: Unlike the expansive boulevards lined by palatial buildings, these are a network of alleyways in the old town of Nice, crowded with bars and cafes. Glacieres, cafes and creperies along the narrow alleys keep up the hub-bub of the city until late hours. Rendered by an Italian feeling, this neighborhood is a must visit by tourists and locals alike. When you visit this neighborhood, also checkout:

The Courthouse Square (Place du Palais de Justice)

The Rossetti Square (Place Rossetti), where the magnificent Saint Reparata Cathedral is located.

The Saint Francis Square (Place Saint François) and its small fish market.

3. Port Lympia: The harbor of Nice, lined by boats of all sizes and painted colorful by various buildings along the water is undoubtedly one of the most interesting spots in Nice. The flea market at the port offers relaxing activities such as browsing old paintings, vintage artifacts or just wandering around the harbor gazing at the splashing water along the cost. For a photography lover like me, the port and the city was a paradise. The port can be easily reached by tram towards Port Lympia, which is the end station.

4. Cours Saleya Market: In the old town of nice, this is an open air market selling fresh produce. If you are living nearby, its a great place to shop. The sellers will tempt you with free samples, which is a great way to obtain business. The restaurants and the small eateries around the market have long ques of tourists and locals to sample the delicacies of Cote d'Azure. Get there early to beat the tourist crowd.

5. Beaches: Pebbled beaches might not be everyone's favorite, however I found the pebbled beaches of Nice absolutely mesmerizing. The blue of the Mediterranean lined by the white pebbled beaches made for some of the best shots. The beaches are an absolutely must see, especially when the sky explodes with colors from the setting sun.

The water gets deep pretty quickly, if you want to swim you can also go to the nearby beaches of Villefranche sur Mer or Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat.

6. Parc de la Colline du Château : On the east side of the city, this park provides some of the best panoramic views of the French riviera. Looking back, all the landmarks of Nice are visible, the view of the port to the east deserves special mention. If you are fit, you can always walk down to the old city, however there's also a free elevator.

7. Typical delicacies of Nice: The 'cuisine Niçoise' or cuisine of Nice, is a must try during your stay in Nice. Some of the delicacies are:

Socca: This is the no. 1 street food in Nice, a thin pancake made from chickpea flour with crispy edges and soft inside.

Pissaladiere: A french style slow cooked pizza or flatbread with caramelized onions, anchovies and olives.

Beignets: Deep fried savory zucchini blossoms or eggplants in a batter is a delicious street food.

Salade Niçoise: The most famous food from Nice which is available all over the world is the Nice style salad with oil based vinaigrette dressing.

If you really want to immerse yourself in cuisine Niçoise , this extensive list of what and where to eat should complete your exploration list:

8: A trip through French riviera: No trip to Nice can be complete without a drive through the beautiful french riviera and visit the nearby villages and cities such as Menton, Monaco and Eze. If you want to know more about how to travel through the riviera, wait for the next blog.

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16 mai 2023

This is making me dream.

4 stars because I would have loved to hear about your feelings and emotions some more - more of a personal touch.


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